Monday, December 27, 2010


2010 has come and gone, once again... ever so fast - and it's time to let friends and family catch up with some of the events that happened in 2010 in the Macfarlane household.

The highlight of 2010 was a bus tour David and I took for our 35th wedding anniversary last June. We landed in Munich, Germany and for the next 10 days travelled on a luxury tour bus through The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and back to Germany, staying at 5 star hotels along the way. What an amazing trip it was! I got to see the country sights and David got to see some of his art museums! A splurge definitely worth taking! We also managed to get our yearly 2-week Florida trip in albeit a little later than usual (September) but this time we flew there and rented a car.

David has done an exceptional lot of traveling across Canada this year, so much so that we went on points to Europe in June, Florida in August, San Diego in October and even managed to help Heather go to Lethbridge in May, as well as me taking two trips to Lethbridge all on his points! In January David spoke to his biggest crowd ever, over 7000 people at the MTS arena in Winnipeg and has just finished writing a book called "Ignite Your life"which will be out shortly. For more on David's ministry and video clips go to:

I have enjoyed getting to know both my granddaughters! I took a couple of triple to Lethbridge (in February and August) to see Susan, Tyler and Abby. I miss having them live close by, but Skype is definitely the next best thing! We get to connect on a nearly daily basis. I get to read to Abby and David gets to do puppets! Lots of fun!! Heather, Matt and Ava live a few blocks away so I get to babysit Ava whenever they need a break! Right now I'm working two different part time jobs (due to some financial setbacks). I have returned to the University of Waterloo, working in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. As well, I get to visit my Mum (who turned 9o this year) on a weekly basis, ensuring that her shopping is done, playing games, taking her to church and doing whatever is needed. She has had some setbacks this year in that she is having issues with back and shoulder pain (arthritis) which has made her a little unsteady on her feet, so we purchased a walker (which she does not like using!) and a cane which she remembers to take with her but still prefers not to use! All in all, her health is good and she continues to bring a lot of joy to all the people she visits in the homes where she lives. She is always ready with an encouraging word!

Tyler and Susan sold their car wash businesses and bought a Yamaha business, expanding their Kawasaki store into a Yamaha/Kawasaki Sports store. This is a huge relief to Susan who no longer is at the beck and call of people calling with issues at the car washes or counting money on a weekly basis. She is very busy looking after Abby (who turned 2 in September). Abby is a very busy girl! She is very bright and curious! She knows all her numbers to 10 and knows her letters, sings all sorts of songs and knows everybody's names! She is exceptionally chatty and giggles constantly! I'm excited that they are coming to visit us in January. Heather and I get to look after Abby while Tyler and Susan attend a conference in Florida for a week. On their way back they'll spend a week with us before heading home. It should be lots of fun! A milestone for Susan and Tyler is that they both turned 30!!

"Baby Sprout" is on HIS way for April 1st!! No names given to us yet but we do know it's a boy! That is quite a novel idea for us!! As you can imagine, we are all very excited!
Ava turned 1 in October. She is a very sweet girl and I'm so blessed to have her live nearby! Not quite walking on her own yet, although she gets herself around holding on to the furniture or else down on all four! Heather had 2010 off till September and is now back at work in the Emergency Dept of our local hospital so she can take another maternity year off starting March. She is working every weekend, which allows Dad, mum and mum-in-law, aunts and uncles to look after Ava while she works or sleeps (depending whether she is on night or day shifts). Meanwhile Matthew continues to grow their fireplace and bbq business.

Tory is a very busy 23 year old! She is juggling working at Chapters Bookstore on the 5AM shift, goes off to University, often hangs out with Heather & Ava, does painting jobs on the side, teaches dance to some of the younger grade girls... all this apart from her social life! Right now her goal is to be done her degree by next Christmas! After that we don't know! It will all be subject to what jobs she can get!

Thanks to all of you for keeping in touch via Christmas cards and newsletters. We wish you all God's best for 2011. May this year be filled with many blessings and memories of a lifetime!
"Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all." 2 Thes 3:16

David and Diana

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